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Nature of the Sun is written by Sebastiaan van der Meulen and has been published February 25th 2015.
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August 18th 2018.

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ISBN: 9789082072952

Nature of the Sun contains 400 pages in PDF format and seven books written by S.F. van der Meulen.

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Nature of the Sun has been rewritten and is available for download.
Within a new and complete cosmology book! The explanation of the human brain!

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Nature of the Sun book description:

The cosmology book written in Nature of the Sun is filled with discoveries yet unknown to the masses of physicists. The discoveries in the book came about by forming a simple yet powerful subatomic particle using infinites and once made all phenomena in Heaven fell in place logically and without error. The subatomic particle has a simple mechanism and is easily understood by readers using infinites and logic rather than mathematics. The cosmology book can be proven correct using a test on ice crystals. Because there is a hole in Heaven besides the particles and this hole can be used to create patterns that pull ice crystals into different shapes as they grow. As ice crystals have much flexibility in their growth and they can be reshaped by means unknown to today's science and I wrote how to do this in the book.

The book Nature of the Sun has several books written within you may like. Including a model of the human brain which describes the logic of mental thinking and the feelings humans get from instincts. Also a book on genetics is explained by means of cosmology because the book is very well developed. Nature of the Sun begins with the book Nature of Heaven which describes all of cosmology.

Amongst phenomena explained in cosmology are:

  • How Heaven formed from nothing.
  • Atoms.
  • Radioactive material.
  • How chemistry works.
  • Chemistry with ice, gas, metals, and fire.
  • How an atomic bomb explodes.
  • Formation of stars, planets and continental drift.
  • Why the earth rotates, orbits and has seasons.
  • Magnetic poles.
  • How radio waves emit in radius.
  • Gravity particles.
  • Black holes.
  • Quasars.
  • Why the speed of light is constant.
  • The anti-particle phenomena.
  • Pressure.
  • Electricity and how a light bulb emits light.
  • The atmosphere and the aurora borealis.
  • How the sunrise glows red.
  • How a galaxy forms.
  • And much more.

  • Just about anything of the human brain is explained within this book in a book named Nature of Human: Mental matters using full on logic.

    Genetics is described using cosmology.

    Mental insanity is explained.

    Everything explained in this book is done using logic. I have spent five years writing and thinking through everything and now you may learn about all the secrets that were hidden from us and it's true. And it's not a scam even if this seems unbelievable. I did my very best for you and now my work is available for free to share or place anywhere on the internet without compromising the book of course.

    Within Nature of the Sun I wrote a book that explains the human brain. Amongst things explained in full detail and logical deduction are: How signals transfer through nerves to a destination. What thinking is. What feelings are. How neurons and nerve cells work and the difference between dendrite and axon connections. How medicine makes nerve cells and neurons behave different. What neurons do when you think. What focus is and how you do it. How you imagine in visuals and sounds.

    I explain the bodily instincts like cramps and stretches and breathing and sleeping and personality instincts. I explain the psychology personality instincts create. I explain what honesty and dishonesty is and what moral is and sexual morality. I explain the honest personality instincts equality, love, trust and respect and the dishonest personality instincts which are selfishness, fighting and stealing. Stealing is also greed. And there are four body-personality instincts like the emotion instinct which make you cry or laugh bodily but also personally. The instincts work with a pleasant and an unpleasant feeling to steer you from its unpleasant feeling to its pleasant feeling. This is how instincts guide your personality. All personality disorders are explained. They all fell in place after I figured out the personality instincts. I also figured out a cure for epilepsy and autism. The brain works completely logical and has an easy system to understand how it works though all aspects of the mental system are explained so there is some reading material for you and anyone can learn it. You can learn all this in the brain model written in a book inside Nature of the Sun which I named Nature of Human: Mental matters.

    One third of all visitors coming from the advertisement link will download the book and this is an incredible high ratio considering I'm relatively unknown to the masses. Reading Nature of the Sun will teach you exactly how things work in Heaven and luckily Heaven actually has a simple mechanism and the simpler the better like Occam's razor.

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